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Founded in 1636, Harvard, the primary establishment of upper learning established within the U.S., may be a magnet for high-achieving undergrads, together with over four-hundredth students of color. Notable people that attended Harvard span Presidents Barack Obama, United States President and John Adams; and computer scientist, Mark Zuckerberg, musician plaything Ma and player Natalie Portman. at intervals twelve degree-granting faculties, over third of scholars major within the social sciences followed by biological and medical specialty sciences and history. The university is experimenting with new academic models in experiential learning and on-line platforms, like edX, cofounded in 2012 with near Massachusetts Institute of Technology. the biggest educational library is housed at Harvard with over twenty.4 million volumes. Harvard has the biggest university endowment at $36 million. In Gregorian calendar month 2015, Harvard received the biggest gift in its history, $400 million to endow a college of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The Crimson contend in NCAA Division I athletics.

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